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We carry a full line of accessories for VHF and UHF Systems.

We can install your new radio in our shop, or at your location!  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Replacement Microphones

Hytera - TM610/800 Mobile

  • SM07R1 Keypad Microphone
  • SM07R2 Rugged Microphone
  • SM11R1 Standard Microphone
  • SM10R2 Desktop Dispatch Microphone

Hytera - MD Series Mobile

  • SM16A1 Standard Microphone
  • SM19A1 Keypad Microphone
  • SM10A1 Desktop Dispatch Microphone

Icom - F5023 / F5061 Mobile

  • HM148G Heavy Duty Microphone
  • HM148T Heavy Duty Keypad Micrphone
  • HM152 Standard Micrphone
  • HM152T Standard Keypad Micrphone
  • SM26 Desktop Dispatch Microphone


  • HMN3596A Standard Microphone
  • RMN5068A Desktop Dispatch Microphone
  • PMNN4024 Standard Microphone

Portable Accessories

  • Cases for most Hytera and Icom radios available
  • Replacement batteries for your Hytera, Icom, and Motorola radios
  • Replacement belt clips and antennas
  • SpeakerMic's in stock for most Hytera, Icom and Motorola radios
  • Waterproof bags and chest packs


We carry select Tram, Pulsr/Larson, Sinclair, Laird, and Browing Antennas for many solutions.  Contact us for the best antenna for your situation.


  • 1159 VHF Wideband whip Antenna
  • 1115S VHF Spring Loaded Antenna
  • 1181 VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna
  • 1600 / 1610 Marine Antenna

Pulse / Larson

  • MHB5800 VHF Whip Antenna
  • MWV1365S VHF Spring Loaded Antenna
  • BSA150 VHF Base Station Antenna
  • MAXMFT Tunable Antenna


  • SVB1560 VHF Short Whip Antenna
  • SUB4304 UHF Whip Antenna
  • SVB1382 VHF Whip Antenna
  • SVB4303 UHF Whip Antenna

Mounting Kits

Mirror and fender style antenna mounts in stock for most popular truck models.

Radio mounting hardware available for Hytera and Icom radios.


Connectors and Adaptors

We stock most popular sizes and types of connectors adaptors, and wiring kits.



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